Welcome to the Hornets

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Lemont Hornets organization.  Our program includes roughly 140 - 160 football players and 80-100 cheerleaders, and we’re happy that your child will be one of them.
The Lemont Hornets is a non-profit organization, run entirely by parent volunteers, and is funded by registration fees, donations and fundraisers. Our players and cheerleaders are from Lemont and surrounding areas.  The Lemont Hornets are an independent organization, not affiliated with any other programs or park districts.  
Parent volunteers run the entire organization.  There is no board member, coach or individual of this organization that collects any salary or receives financial restitution from the monies of this organization.  
The Hornets Organization focuses on teaching children the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, good sportmanship, respect, coordination, competitiveness, and to promote physical fitness.  We also emphasize teamwork & discipline throughout the various divisions of the league, with our long term goal being to prepare our players and cheerleaders for the high school level.  
We have created this handbook to provide you with important upcoming season events, dates, schedules and directions. Visit the website regularly to keep up to date on Hornet information and activities.
After reading the following information, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of the board members.
Thank you for your consistent interest in the Lemont Hornets.  We hope this experience will be a positive one for your child, as well as your whole family.

See this document for a copy of the 
We look forward to getting to know you and your child in the upcoming season!



Jason LoCoco
President - jasonl5021@sbcglobal.net

Wendy Siwek
Vice President - wsiwek22@gmail.com

Enza Buttitta
Secretary - enzabuttitta@gmail.com

Mike Fellows
Treasurer - lemonthornetsyouthfootball@gmail.com 

Michael Rusnak
Athletic Director - ruz8281@gmail.com

Renee Church
Cheer Director - renee.m.church@gmail.com

Tom Iaquinta

BGYFL Liaison - tiaquinta@farmersagent.com

Lemont Hornets Youth Football Association
P.O. Box 51
Lemont, IL 60439



Parent volunteers fill board positions. 

Each of the seven voting board members serves two-year terms. Nominations for any available board positions are due in October, & elections are held in November at the Banquet. 

New parents are always needed to replace those who are graduating out of the program. 

Participation as a coordinator of a committee is a great way to get involved in the program. 



The Lemont Hornets board meets once a month.  The meetings are held locally on the second Monday evening of the month. Parents are always welcome and strongly encouraged to participate.  We are open to any suggestions and/or new ideas for our upcoming season.  From time to time scheduling conflicts do arise, so please contact any board member to verify the date and times of meetings.


It is expected that board members and coaches lead by example with good sportsmanship both on and off the field. As a Lemont Hornet Board Member and/or Coach you have an obligation to represent the organization in a positive manner and refrain from negative comments and improper actions that can lead to a less than positive environment for the children. All members/coaches involved should make a concerted effort to support programs and policy put in place by the board. Comments/Suggestions and opinions can be brought to the attention of any board member including cheer/athletic director at any time.


Coach's attire is defined as the shirt provided by the organization that year. This attire should be worn at both home and away games for easy identification by other members in the Bill George Football League (BGYFL). Spiritwear as well as coach's attire from previous years can be worn to practice and non BGYFL sanctioned events.


In 1967, the Lemont Jaycees’ efforts to formulate a grade school football team in town culminated with the first pre-registration held at the Lemont Village Hall. The Hornets began with just one division – “Heavies”. Over the next two years, the program grew to include Cheerleading and Pom Poms, as well as more levels of football. The program began as a part of a Pop Warner League (under the name of the “Golden Hornets”); later we became a member of the River Valley Youth Tackle Football League and currently the Bill George Football League (BGYFL).



The objectives of the league are to teach the fundamentals of football and cheerleading, good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, coordination, competitiveness, and to promote physical fitness.
The Hornets are very proud of the following accomplishments:
2004 Superlight Superbowl Champions as well as Lightweight & JV Superbowl Runner-up
2004 Cheer Competition Champions
2005 Superlight Superbowl Champions as well as Lightweight & JV Superbowl Runner-up
2005 Cheer Competition Champions
2006 Lightweight Superbowl Champions and Varsity Superbowl Runner-Up
2006 Cheer Competition Champions 
2007 SuperLight, JV and Varsity Superbowl Runner up
2007 1st & 2nd place trophies for Cheer and Pom on all levels
2008 Superlight Superbowl Runner-up &  Jr. Varsity Superbowl Runner-up
2008 1st & 2nd place trophies for Cheer and Pom on all levels

2009 Varsity Superbowl Champions &  Superlight Superbowl Champions  
2009 1st & 2nd place trophies for Cheer and Pom on all levels as well as State bid for Varsity
2010 Superlight & JV Superbowl Champions as well as Lightweight and Varsity Superbowl Runner-up
2010 1st & 2nd place trophies for Cheer and Pom on all levels as well as State bid for Varsity
2011 Varsity Superbowl Champions
2011 1st & 2nd place trophies for Cheer and Pom on all levels as well as State bid for Varsity


Parents can elect to pay a fee of $200.00 to buy out of their volunteer duties. This must be done before season begins!
When registering your child, you are required to complete a volunteer form. As the season nears, our Volunteer Coordinator will begin the difficult task of setting up the volunteer duties for the upcoming season. This is done on a first-to-turn in, first-to-do basis. If you would like to do a particular task, please inform the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. Because there are so many positions to fill to keep the Hornets running smoothly, we encourage everyone to check off at least two areas they would like to help with.

  Once you have been assigned a volunteer duty, the organization expects that you are as committed to this duty as our players and cheerleaders are to theirs. If you cannot fulfill your volunteer duty for the assigned day, you must find a replacement, and notify the Volunteer Coordinator.

  If you have fulfilled your volunteer requirements, your $300.00 non cashed check will be returned to you at Equipment hand - in. 

  Failure to fulfill your commitment will result in forfeiture of your $300.00 volunteer fee.  Your returning family registration will not be accepted unless one of these criteria’s are met. It is your responsibility to make sure your volunteer commitments have been met!


Practice cancellations will be posted no earlier than 4:45pm on the website main page. In most cases a mass e-mail will be sent also, so please register ALL of your family's e-mails on the main page of  www.lemonthornets.com .
Football Players- Practice is held at Bambrick Park on Smith Rd.  5:00 to 7:30 PM Monday thru Friday until the school year begins. When school starts we practice 4 days a week. 

For the first day of practice they should wear shorts, t-shirt, rubber spikes, and an athletic supporter with a hard cup.  Please bring water to drink.  Coaches will instruct the kids with what to wear to practice daily. Coaches will also notify you of any practice changes.

When wearing full gear: pads over top of t-shirt, practice pants, jock and cup. Short socks for practice. And jersey. 

Football Levels 
There are seven levels of play (Flag,73,83,93,103,JV,Senior).  Within each weight class there are 3 levels of  competition (Silver, AFC, NFC).  Football players are assigned by age, weight and caliber of play. 

Game jerseys and pants are not to be worn at practices.

Uniforms generally are passed out in the 2nd/3rd week of practice. You will get long socks with the uniforms.
Usually, we practice regardless of the weather. A decision is made by 4:45 if practice will be cancelled and then we will post it to the website AND mass email it to the parents. Sometimes we may just wait it out for 10 or 15 minutes and then start practice. 

As far as lightning is concerned, games and practice have to have a 30 min. wait with no other signs of lightning before they can continue. 

Monday, Tuesdays, & Thursdays 5:15 to 7:30 PM. (1 month prior to competition we will be practicing more days and later hours). For practice please wear flat gym shoes (preferably old cheer shoes), and comfortable clothing (no jeans and no jewelry). Please bring water to drink. Coaches will notify you of any practice changes. Cheerleaders must be present at Thursday practices and arrive one hour prior to game on game day in order to be in the half time routine for that week. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Cheer Levels 
There are four levels of play.  Cheerleaders will be asssigned to their level according to their grade level. 

Currently the 2016 Cheer and Football levels are TBD.

Please check your head coaches roster to make sure the spelling of your child’s name and his/her stats are correct.  If you find any errors please contact our Hornets board secretary, Julie Hadjioannou, as soon as possible


The games are typically played from youngest to oldest.  There are no breaks in between games. A typical game lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours. Teams must weigh in during halftime of the preceding game.  This means you are required to be there approximately 1 hour before your scheduled game.


The Lemont Hornets (as well as the entire BGYFL) will begin practicing August 1st. Games begin the 3rdSaturday in August and are once a week on a Saturday or Sunday. A typical schedule includes 4 home games & 4 away games. Playoffs follow the regular season and are single-elimination. The final event for the winning playoff teams is the Superbowl.  This is generally held in late October early November.


The Hornets will email out when registration is available for the next season.


It is the responsibility of the parents to notify the Secretary as soon as possible if for any reason a registered child will not be able to participate in the program. Fees will be refunded as follows:
Before 1st practice 
Full refund (less $10.00 admin. costs)
Before 1st Game
50% refund (less $10.00 admin costs)
After 1st Game
No refund


Our cheerleaders attend or host annual competitions.  These competitions are an enormous exciting event for our cheerleaders and are generally held in October/November.  The Varsity Cheer level will continue to practice through December in order to compete in the IRCA State competition if a bid is earned at a prior competition. 



The banquet is held at the end of the season and serves to cap off the season. All players and cheerleaders receive equal awards and no special awards (i.e. MVP, Most Improved, etc.) are given to any particular player/cheerleader. Our goal is to make all players and cheerleaders feel equally rewarded at the season’s end.


Your registration fee includes secondary insurance coverage for all participants. Should your child sustain an injury while participating in this program, please ask the Secretary to provide you with an “Accident Medical Claims Procedure” form. Since this is secondary insurance only, only after your own medical insurance has participated will this policy then supplement your claim.


In 1985 a scholarship program was initiated. Four scholarships are awarded each year to high school graduates who have completed the Hornets program at the eighth grade level, and who meet other eligibility criteria. Scholarship applications may be obtained from the organization and must be submitted to the Hornets on or prior to April 1st of the applicant’s senior year of high school.                   
All applications are judged by local business owners.


Hornets organization holds one mandatory fundraiser per year. 

The 2016 per player cost for fundraising is $50/per player.  
Please support the Hornets throughout these various fundraising efforts. We rely on fundraising to supplement our fees and keep the initial registration cost affordable.  We take pride in keeping our equipment and uniforms up to date and safe. Fundraising makes this possible.


Lemont Hornets participates in the Keepataw Day parade every year. All football players and cheerleaders are welcome to walk in the parade. Organizing this event is a great way to volunteer. 


Picture Day is usually scheduled in August before the first game at Lemont High School.  Picture order envelopes will be distributed to the players & cheerleaders prior to this date. The envelope will show the date the pictures are to be taken, & the various picture packages that are available, along with the cost. Everyone is to wear your game attire for pictures. After pictures have been taken, please change into usual practice attire.
Team moms will be present on picture day to collect picture envelopes. Whether or not your child is having an individual picture, he/she is expected to be there for the team picture.


Foul language and the use of alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all practices and games. We encourage parents/supporters to show good sportsmanship in the stands. Offensive behavior towards any coach and/or game official will not be tolerated and will result in immediate ejection from the field.


On game days please support the Hornets concession stand. We offer a wide variety of items, and the money generated in our concession stand is the largest piece of our income, second only to registration fees.


We have been privileged to host our home games at the Lemont High School. During our home games, the press box is open and used by game announcers, spotters, timekeepers, and the designated person that films the games at each level ONLY .  


Homecoming is a day of special events when we honor the players of the organization.
Prior to the start of all the games we would like to have all parents come out onto the end zone to cheer there child onto the field.  


Any items that are left at the field or turned in will be kept in the storage shed until claimed. At the end of the season, all items that are remaining will either be thrown out or donated to charity.

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