I have a friend that wants to join - When is the last day of Hornet registration?
Anytime that’s convenient for them. New and returning members can register on the Lemont Hornets website at lemonthornetsyouthfootball.website.siplay.com .  The Hornets accept registration for the 2022 season through the first day of practice in late July. 
How is my son or daughter placed on their team or squad? Football placement is based upon the player’s age as of August 1st and then weight.
What is an Age Weight Matrix? All team age brackets have Aug. 1st cut off date.  At begining of season if a player is above weight for division they will be a striper.  Please read below to learn about a Striper.
Is there a pre-game weigh-In? Pre-Game weigh-Ins are mandatory, the official electronic scale, supplied by the home team, will be used to record maximum weight allowable for that game.  Players will weigh in with the minimum, game football pants (including the basic 7 pads), a tee shirt and socks. All player's who do not meet the weight for that game will not be eligible to play in that game. 
How many possible levels do the Hornets have and what are the age and weights of those levels?

Bill George is working on a new weight and level change.  This is subject to change before the season starts but for now this gives you an idea


Tackle Football

What is the “Striper Rule” and how does it apply to my child?
The BGYFL adopted the “striper rule”. This means that players who exceed the divisional weight limit, but not the maximum weight limit for that level will be deemed a “striper” and will be eligible to player under certain conditions.
The following is the “striper rule” – A player exceeding a class weight limit by no more than 10% will be designated a striper. A Striper shall be identified by affixing a stripe of contrasting color to the front and back of the player’s helmet. All Stripers must be defined no later than week two of the BGYFL regular season and will be designated as such on the final team roster. Once a player is designated a Striper, that player shall remain a Striper for the balance of the BGYFL regular season and post season playoffs. Weekly growth allowance for Stripers follows the same guidelines as for non stripers. On offense, a Striper must play an interior line position from tackle to tackle within the Free Blocking Zone (IHSA rules) in a three (3) or four (4) point stance. Since a Striper is not an eligible receiver, he need not be covered.
On defense, a Striper is restricted to line positions, must line up in a three (3) or four (4) point stance and must take a forward charge at the snap of the football. A Striper may not drop back from the line of scrimmage or stunt to an outside position and cannot line up more than one yard outside of the offensive tackle. At no time may a Striper advance the football and if a Striper ever gains possession of the football the play shall immediately be blown dead. Stripers shall not be allowed to punt or kick. This may also change with the weight changes being proposed by BGYFL.
When do practices start? And where are they?
Hornets football practice starts Monday, July 31st.  All practices are at Bambrick Park Fields. Football practices start the season with five (5) days per week, prior to the start of the school year.  Practices go to three (3) days per week after the Labor Day weekend.  Parents are required to drop off and pick up their child(ren) on time for games and practices.
Where are the Hornet games played?
Home games for all teams will be played at the Lemont High School Football Field in Lemont.  
Away games can be as close as Hinsdale or as far as Streamwood. Parents are responsible for transporting the child to away games or for making travel arrangements for them. Car pooling is encouraged when possible. If your child is unable to make it to a game or practice, please contact your head coach at least 24-48 hours prior so that game plans can be adjusted.
What are the game rules that the Hornets follow?
The BGYFL abides by the Illinois High School association youth sports guidelines. This may vary from other leagues in our area. Please refer to the IHSA or BGYFL websites for the rules and guidelines.
When will the games be played?
The football season starts in late July and runs through November. Pre-season games are in August, season games are 8 weeks and occur in September and October and are played on Saturday or Sunday. Playoff games are scheduled in late October. The BGYFL Super Bowl games are typically scheduled in November.
How can I get a game schedule?
Game schedules are made available about the third week in August and are posted on the BGYFL website. Due to the large number of teams, and the margin for error, it is recommended you check the BGYFL website on a weekly basis to ensure there hasn’t been a schedule change for your team.
The Flag program is run under a different set of rules and guidelines. Subsequently their game schedule is developed after the Tackle schedule and is distributed to the Head Coaches at the end of August.
How do I find another team’s playing field?
Directions are provided to each town’s field on the BGYFL website, http://www.bgyfl.org.
How is information distributed?
We try to use less paper and utilize different forms of communication, like email, internet and phone blasts. We will do our best to keep you informed of upcoming events. Team Coaches will keep you informed. You can also keep up with our current events by attending our General Meetings, visiting our website or reading our newsletters.
What else does the Hornets program offer?
The Hornets program prides itself on the number of events that occur for the children and parents of our organization.
Jamboree Games – Usually occurs the third weekend in August. This event is a controlled scrimmage to help the football player’s work on their plays.  All football players will get playing time and a great workout. There are no scores kept at any level.
Hornets Pre-season Scrimmage Games – Usually held the last weekend Of August.  Another football team is brought in for a game. Another fun way to get in some practice before the season starts.
Homecoming – A very important and fun event for the kids and usually occurs on the fourth or fifth week of the season schedule. 
Hornet Banquet - Held at the end of the year.

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